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Ultrasonic cleaning involves submerging parts in either of our heated cleaning tanks.Catering for large and small parts with capacity up to 3metres in length.

Using high-frequency signals creates millions of miniature bubbles every second. These bubbles collapse as quickly as they are produced, creating energy in the form of heat and pressure waves. The pressure waves are capable of reaching into every tiny gap whilst blasting contaminants such as carbon, oil & grease from all types of surfaces including metals, alloys, plastics, filters & ceramics.

The power of our equipment can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes, sizes & technical complexity, penetrating holes & cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning of heat exchanger equipment
Cleaning Heat Exchangers using Ultrasonic Cleaning

Cleaning of Heat Exchangers

With many years of experience in manufacture, cleaning, repairing and maintaining heat exchangers and associated engine parts for various types of industries.

We can provide a cleaning and maintenance plan to include the following:

∘ Visual inspection upon arrival.
∘ Weighing of parts before & after work is carried out.
∘ Inspection & assessment using NDT, thermal and internal scope cameras
∘ Dismantle, pressure wash, inspection & report.
∘ Ultrasonic cleaning in one of our purpose built cleaning tanks.
High pressure cleaning.
∘ Rinsing in one of our purpose-built rinse tanks
Chemical cleaning
Brushing through internals of tubes.
Shot blasting of case work
∘ Vacuum test of individual tubes.
∘ Manufacture of Gaskets
Hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure test of assembled heat exchangers.
∘ Manufacture of anodes & tapered tube plugs.
Internal coatings of water boxes.
∘ Oven dry & paint of parts.
∘ Final Qa, inspection and certification.
∘ Dedicated crates & transport

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